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Following Steve's mention of the game a couple of months ago, here's my take on the eternal struggle of graphics over gameplay, with The Hand of God I argue that "A game doesn't have to have the most advanced three dimensional effects to be playable, but you knew that already, right?" This mini-review takes the game further than Steve did in his quick look, discovering power ups and 'safety nets'!

There isn't much of a story to this game – a volcano is erupting, which has in turn caused fires in neighbouring skyscrapers. As a means of escape, the tower occupants are, almost Lemming-like, jumping out of the windows, and it's your job to catch as many as you can.

It seems as if every floor of these skyscrapers are fitted with launching devices because some of the jumpers get an impressive range! Once aloft, the jumpers follow a parabolic trajectory, with velocities to match. So, the trick is to tap on the screen to lay a glowing line that will intercept the path of the imperilled persons. The catch is that you can only have one of these bars at a time, laying a new one erases the old one. This becomes quite a problem when there is a surge of jumpers that all need a mid-air rescue.

Hand of God game

There are power-ups you can catch, such as the one that gives you an extra wide bar to catch people with, and another one which pulls a safety net between both tower blocks. There are also different jumpers, some of which have umbrellas to slow their descent – which reminds me again of Lemmings!

While dealing with the deluge of demented divers, you can add multipliers to your score by catching several people at once.

Hand of God game

When I first loaded the game, my first impressions were not positive. The graphics look like, well, like I'd drawn them! Like all the best games though, the graphics soon fade into irrelevance as your heart rate soars and your fingers become ever-more twitchy in the urge to save the day!

Oh, and I haven't mentioned the volcano yet. There's a great big volcano in the middle of the screen, which is supposedly causing the chaos in the first place. Yet everyone is jumping toward it!

Hand of God game

Be warned about the game's sound effects though – there aren't a lot of them mid-game but when you have finished a level there's a few chimes as the game counts up all your bonuses. However, once that's done, a blood curdling scream comes out of nowhere. The reaction from the people around me was not favourable!

Hand of God game

It's all good fun though, and that's exactly what I liked about this game. A title doesn't have to have the most advanced three dimensional effects to be playable, but you knew that already, right? The graphics and sound here aren't great, but they're as good as they need to be, and what we have is a fun game that will stretch your reactions.

You can grab "The Hand of God" in both an ad-supported free version and an ad-free £1.00 version in the Nokia Store.

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