NightVision Camera

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Rather a novelty, but you may be able to fool your friends or achieve a particular effect with Harald Meyer's latest camera add-on for Symbian. Although NightVision Camera is pretty obviously just applying an effect to the standard camera picture, the results look surprisingly authentic. The main downside is that captured snaps in this free version are limited to 1 megapixel.

Rather strangely, there's no sign of a commercial version yet, so this free one will have to do. Here's NightVision Camera at work:

NightVision Camera

The top '+' icon leads to a promo for Harald's CameraFX, by the way. The second icon down is the shutter control. Along the top is a brightness bar, letting you control the conversion of light levels to err.... 'green'.

Being free, and not content with being a demo for a future commercial version, there are also in-app ads, which appear from time to time (as above). Demos are all well and fine, as are ad-sponsored apps, but a demo that's ad-sponsored seems a step too far.

Yep, NightVision Camera is a novelty, but is it not fairly cool to whip out your phone at night and demonstrate that 'your phone has night vision', etc? 

Source / Credit: Nokia Store