Let's play.... hunt the higher capacity batteries

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You may remember that I reported late last year on the newer, higher capacity versions of some of Nokia's most popular batteries? One such came with the 1300mAh version of the BL-5K that came with the Nokia 701, but this battery type also fits the Nokia N85, N86 and C7. And ever since, I've been watching for the point at which the new batteries starting being sold on their own. After all, what's not to like about getting a new, refreshed battery that's also higher capacity than the original, when your phone was new?

Old and new BL-5K

Thanks to a tweet from Johan, it seems that the 1300mAh version of the BL-5K has started appearing in online shops, e.g here at Clas Ohlson, albeit for a somewhat steep price (about £35). 


So, my challenge to you the AAS reader and die-hard Nokia/Symbian fan, is to find other examples of either the new BL-5K or another uprated official Nokia battery available for purchase across the world.

And no, please don't include all the various fakes and outrageous cons from eBay and even Amazon ("BL-5K replacement, 2300mAh, Gold", etc.)- I'm talking about official Nokia batteries, sold by reputable outlets.

What can you dig up? I'd expect the 1300mAh BL-5K to be around the £20 to £25 mark, so the Clas Ohlson price is definitely on the high side? What about the BL-5J, original capacity 1320mAh, for example, used in the Nokia X6 and 5800?