iStyle - turning your Symbian smartphone into an iPhone?

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We've seen iPhone wallpapers and themes before, but this one's special in that it has had PiZero's full care and attention lavished on it. And iStyle is free for the next five days, should you want to grab it, it's compatible with all Symbian devices from the last six years and it includes a full set of iOS icons. In fact, the only worry is whether Apple's lawyers will be bursting into action, so best download it now rather than later. Screenshots below.

You can download iStyle from the Nokia Store here, free for 5 days from today.

Screenshot, iStyle Screenshot, iStyle Screenshot, iStyle 

Screenshot, iStyle Screenshot, iStyle Screenshot, iStyle 

One might argue that this is little more than a novelty, and you'd be right. But, after all, I was very taken with a recent Android 4 theme for Symbian, so it really does take all sorts. And, after all, as the old saying goes, "a theme change is as good as a rest"....