Ice Cream Sandwich on your Symbian phone - take 2!

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I linked to Pizero's Android ICS-a-like theme a week or so ago - we now have an alternative, courtesy of theme maker Hakamy, entitled 'Holo' (after the 'theme' that ICS uses). There are various downloads for this around, but many require forum registration, so his Holo theme is here (default icons version) and here's Hakamy's blog. Screenshots below, but it's all rather beautiful if you ask me...

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Emulating Android ICS's theme certainly gives off something of a contemporary feel, especially when comparatively few Android handsets are themselves getting this vanilla Android look!


Holo theme Holo theme

Holo theme Holo theme

Here are the downloads again:

Holo theme with custom icons (2MB or so on disk) 

Holo theme with default icons

Kudos for a superb theme, Hakamy!

Source / Credit: Nokialino