Your Symbian smartphone styled like Ice Cream Sandwich?

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I've always had a soft spot for themes with ideas above their station and this one intrigued me - Pizero's 'ICS Style' theme aims to put the graphical elements, background and iconography of Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on your Symbian smartphone. And it's free for the first week, so grab it while you can, etc. Not a bad effort, and it's rather wierd seeing my Nexus S's Android 4 icons on my N8...!

Here's the ICS Style theme on the Nokia Store:

Get the look & feel of an Android device with this great theme. Including exclusive Zeta ICS style icons!

- Premium Theme for Symbian
- Abstract HD wallpaper
- Zeta ICS icons by Pizero
- 9-piece Elements
- Ice Cream style look 6 feel

ICS Style by Pizero is FREE for a limited time (one week only!)

and here are some screens of it in action:

Screenshot Screenshot