CuteTube bug fix for Facebook sharing

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I wouldn't normally post about a minor update, but CuteTube is possibly the Symbian application of the year so far and one of our big favourites in the AAS office. You can update by signing into the Nokia Store, where you should see v1.1.2 offered, offering fixed Facebook video sharing and proper remembering of your chosen playback quality setting (e.g. 720p). What do you mean, you haven't bought CuteTube yet? - you're missing out....

Here's CuteTube in the Nokia Store, currently costing £3, but factoring in the functionality (David said it was the most feature complete YouTube client he'd ever seen on ANY mobile platform) and the regular free updates, I still think this is cracking value. And no, the author didn't give us free copies - we bought them like anyone else.

Here's our updated review of CuteTube, should you need more convincing.