SDK now available for free download

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The Sony Ericsson P800 UIQ SDK is now available for free download from the mobility world website here. But it seems that the emulator will only be able to run C++ applications when the Code Warrior software is also present.

Details from the website:
Use the UIQ SDK to build applications for the Sony Ericsson P800/P802 phones. The SDK contains library files, documentation, sample code, tools and utilities for building P800 applications in C++ and for creating installation files of C++ and Personal Java applications. It also includes a UIQ emulator, which requires CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian OS to run C++ applications.

The download is quite hefty too. Altogether it is 320 MB, but it is broken down into parts.

There's also an interesting aside included in the notes section whi is quoted below:
Notes: Previously Symbian SDK’s have required Microsoft’s Visual C++ 6.0, but it is a discontinued product and is no longer available for purchase from Microsoft. It has been replaced by Microsoft Visual C++ .Net. As of Symbian OS version 7, Symbian’s choice for the Symbian OS and Symbian- supported devices is Metrowerks CodeWarrior.

This means that Symbian has moved away from using Microsoft development tools, which always was slightly strange. It also menas that the purchase of Code Warrior becomes much more justifiable given that it will be used for future Symbian SDKs. Perhaps the furore surrounding the non free SDK's was a bit over the top, it does however remain the fact that developers and the general public could have had things made much clearer to them.