Expansys pre-orders indicate Comes with Music at around £70-£85 premium

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Pre-order information on Expansys suggests that Nokia's Comes with Music handsets may have a premium of around £70-£85. Comes with Music gives you unlimited music downloads for a year (and the right to keep that music at the end of the year). However it is must be noted that these prices should be considered speculative and subject to change. Read on for more details.

Comes with Music Price differentials on Expansys:

  Handset only Handset + Comes with Music Differential (Comes with Music cost)
Nokia N95 8GB £394.99 £479.99 £85
Nokia 5310 £132.99 - £145.99 £214.99 £69-£82

Approximate currencies conversions: [for £85] €105 (EUR), $150 (USD) and [for £69] €85 (EUR), $120 (USD). It's probably worth noting that Nokia products generally cost more when bought in £ versus $ or €.

There were some early suggestions that Comes with Music would come in around the £100 when it was first announced back at Nokia World in December 2007. However Nokia have been very careful not to give any pricing indications. There's still a lot of uncertainity around its pricing.

The prices above are for SIM-free phones; it is open to debate whether Comes with Music phones will be offered by operators with a subsidy given that it would compete with their own music services.

The pricing indicated above does fit within the £100-£300 for the handset price (5310) mentioned by the Guardian recently. It is also comparable with Vodafone's MusicStation service which costs £1.99 a week (£104 a year). But ultimately we'll have to wait until October 2nd to learn the full, definitive story.