Marco Argenti on Nokia's developer activities and opportunities

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In this series of videos Marco Argenti, SVP Developer Experience and Marketplace at Nokia, explains some of the guiding principals behind Nokia's developer activities and the opportunities available for developers on Nokia's platforms. The video series was recorded at MEF Americas 2011 by 361 Degrees.

Supporting developers in "being in the business of apps"

In this video Marco explains how Nokia aims to support developers in "being in the business of apps", by helping them understand who there customers, what the right distribution model, what is the best way to monetise their app. He talks about Nokia's global reach, the importance of operator billing, noting that Nokia sees an uplift of two or three times on paid transaction when they first introduce it to a market.


The breadth of Nokia's device portfolio

In this video Marco explains the importance of the breath of Nokia's device portfolio, which allows developers to reach both the high end (Windows Phone, Lumia), the mid-tier (Symbian) and the massive scale (Series 40, Asha range). This also helps drives Nokia local content strateggy, which Nokia believes is a key point of differentiation that will often see local developers connected with local consumers. At the same time local developers can also reach a wider gloabl audience through Nokia's distribution channels.


Apps for all, including the next billion

While much of the attention on Nokia recently has been around its Windows Phones activities Marco, in this video, explains the importance of high quality apps for the mid-teir market (Symbian) and talks about how the Qt development platform allows this market to be addressed in on-fragmented way. Moreover, Qt, in the future will be used to address the mass market as part of Nokia's "connecting the next billion" strategy (next generation of Series 40).