Gmail application finally pulled by Google

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It appears that Google has finally withdrawn its official Gmail client, written in Java, for Symbian smartphones. Version 2.06 hadn't been updated for two years and I'm guessing that changes at the server end meant that at some point in the near future the client was going to stop working anyway. To avoid complaints, Google has simply pulled the download page for the client. A shame, given that many on S60 3rd Edition phones still use it and would have liked the option to re-install it when needed (though see the PS below).

I'd still been using the Gmail client on my N86 and E72, for example. Here's what you see when you go to the Gmail download page on now:




The 'Visit now' link takes you through to a very bare bones Gmail web experience:




Emails do include hyperlinks, but not images or other rich text information:




In terms of replacements, Profimail and Mobile Documents spring to mind, though I'm sure there are other avenues to Gmail for S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition users - suggestions welcomes in the comments below.

PS. Also, if you know the right link, you can even still sideload the Google Gmail client. Grab it now if you want to, but do note my suspicions about it stopping working at some future point...?