Google Maps for Mobile gets traffic status layer in 13 new countries

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Although we haven't seen a new version of Google Maps for Mobile (for Symbian) for an eternity now (it's frozen at v4.1.1), it doesn't mean that we Symbian users aren't benefitting from Google's back-end improvements, not least the ever-growing place and business databases, transit lines, better satellite and street views etc. Shown below is a recent addition, of real time traffic status for a whopping 13 extra countries across the world.

Of course, if you haven't yet installed this, then head to in Web on your Symbian-powered smartphone and click on 'More' and then 'Maps'. Here are some real time traffic examples from two of the new countries, demoed on a S60 3rd Edition device:


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

From the Google LatLong blog:

"we’re announcing new coverage in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Coverage includes all freeways and highways, as well as large roads in major cities. Users in the UK will also benefit from a finer grain of street level coverage"