Nokia update Quick Search for Symbian^3

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Symbian^3 users should keep an eye on their Software Update application over the next few days as we have just become aware of an update for the Quick Search application and widget. The update is said to improve the user experience of the Quick Search widget, and other updates for 'organising conversations and sending images'. So far, among the review units we have at All About Symbian, the update has appeared on our C7-00 and C6-01.

The description given in the Software Update application states:

"This new update brings several additions to your Search widget such as search history suggestions and faster access to your favourite search engines. All this plus a few other updates that make it even easier to organise your conversations and send photos with your phone."

Most of the changes to Quick Search appear to be under the hood, and while performance is improved, on our handsets local search feels like it is running at a similar speed. How is it running on your smartphone?