The Symbian^3 Ovi Store client and general back end get a big upgrade

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Open up the Ovi Store client on your Symbian^3 smartphone and you should have a mandatory update available, which offers 'full Arabic Support, better installation support for Qt-based apps and numerous fixes', plus a new blue/green startup screen, miscellaneous other small fixes and, significantly, for all phones of all vintages, an upgrade (at Nokia's end) to their Search algorithms.

The update to the Ovi Store client, the first for Symbian^3 devices, includes a number of enhancements and fixes designed to improve the user experience. 

The most significant of these is improved installation support for Qt-based content (better integration/control of Qt Smart Installer). These applications should now installer faster and with fewer errors. Most obviously, an extra dialogue has been added for Qt-based content, informing users that it may be necessary to download additional software and advises them to use a WiFi connection. Nokia has also updated the submission process for Qt-based applications, which should mean the number of Qt-based applications in Ovi Store will increase.

The new client also adds Arabic language support, which will give local language support in up to 25 countries (with a total population of more than 350 million). Ovi Store is available with local language support for around 95% of its users.

Search functionality has been updated, with improvements to the way similar content items are handled.  Previsouly, if descriptions for 2 or more Store items had similar metadata, the search engine would return only one result as the client was treating them as product variants rather than separate products. 

The Ovi Store client splash screen has been updated. It now matches the one from the new version of Nokia Social and is intended to be less of a visual shock than the old plain-white splash screen, plus it adds its bit to battery efficiency by being more OLED-friendly.

Open up Ovi Store and your Symbian^3 phone will do the rest. The update is 4MB is size. After the update, my Ovi Store client was listed as v2.04.00038.

More technical details on the Ovi Publish details page.

Hat tip to The Nokia Blog.

(Steve and Rafe)