Opera Mobile improves javascript handing in latest beta

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Opera have released the next build of Opera Mobile, the native code version of their browser for Symbian. v10.1 beta 2 is now available from their website. The update is primarily to gather feedback on a new javascript engine which should see speed improvements of up to 4 times, as well as ensuring compatibility for Symbian^3 and the new army of N8 users.

Operan Mobile 10.1 Beta 2 Operan Mobile 10.1 Beta 2

In Beta 2 we are excited to introduce an ARM optimized version of our latest Carakan JavaScript engine. JavaScript execution speed is increase about 4 times! Read more about Carakan and JIT here. We are releasing Beta 2 to encourage user feedback on the updated JavaScript engine. So we encourage all users of Symbian phones, advanced or novice, to try out this beta 2 and report bugs in the forums.

So if you’re happy to help Opera out (and it’s a very nice browser, as we found out on the initial release of Beta 10 last year) then grab the beta at m.opera.com/next via your mobile browser, and there’s full details on Beta 2 on the Opera Blog.