Nokia N8 pre-orders in France, Spain and Germany

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The N8 is now available for pre-order from Nokia's own web stores in France, Spain and Germany. The French store quotes a price of €459 (£380) and availability at the 'end of August', the Spanish store quotes a price of €469 (£389) and availability at the 'end of September', while the German store quotes a price €479 (£397) and availability in the 'third quarter'. The N8 is already available for pre-order in Italy at a cost of €469. 

Other online retailers continue to announce pre-order availability, the latest of which is UK based who quote a price of £419.95. The £420 price point seems to be fairly common across UK online retailers.

The pricing of Nokia products by independent retailers is fairly competitive, often undercutting the price in Nokia's own online stores. However the N8 is likely to be in high demand for the first few months, so the usual pattern may not apply. Moreover, as with other popular handsets, there may be an initial period where some retailers charge a premium price.

However we would expect the price to start to fall three to four months after initial retail availability, with the lowest price being reach nine to fifteen months later. A good example of this is the N97 mini, which was initially price at around £450, but then dropped to around £390 and is now available for £300.

N8 pre-order

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