Nokia Maps world files (maps, voices, POIs) all available via Tienda team

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One of THE most common requests I get, even though AAS isn't really being updated anymore, is for ways to grab offline maps for Nokia Maps on Symbian and S60 3rd Edition handsets. And, while I have some maps archived (i.e. as they were in 2012), I notice with interest that the Tienda SISstore team (who do a replacement on-device SIS store, a bit like the old AppList system) have launched Maps Now, a native downloader, or - easier - an online directory of world maps and resources. So just grab what you need and sideload it all to your old Symbian handset?

In theory, just grab everything you need from and sideload it into your /Cities folder on your phone's mass memory (typically). I haven't done this for a while, but if you're keen enough to be reading this news then you'll pounce on the files and be willing to experiment.


I did try the native Symbian maps downloader created by the Tienda team, but it got stuck on the Mediafile pages used to host the downloads. So perhaps doing the downloading via a protected desktop browser is the way to go. (As usual with Mediafire and similar download sites, make sure your malware protection is up to date and be careful what you click on!)

Hopefully the appearance of all these maps and resources will keep a few Symbian handsets going a little longer!

Note that the Tienda team's generic SIS 'store' app can be grabbed here, if you still want to go further and try out applications from the distant past that we all thought had gone for good. Just be careful, since platform protection features no longer work fully on Symbian.