The Rise and Fall of Nokia

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Just to flag up that there's an interesting programme on UK TV tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, at 9pm, a documentary looking at the rise and fall of Nokia. This is about the 'classic' Nokia, of course, not the newly reborn brand under HMD Global. But for anyone keen on Symbian or Windows Phone or even just Nokia's classic feature phones, this should be a must-watch.


It's also available on Friday at 1am, plus on demand through iPlayer on all platforms, of course.

From the programme description:

Once upon a time there was a large Finnish company that manufactured the world's best and most innovative mobile phones. Nokia's annual budget was larger than that of the government of Finland and everyone who worked there shared in the windfall. But global domination cost the company its pioneering spirit and quantity gradually took over from quality, with new phone models being churned out by the dozen. Market share eroded, until in 2016, mobile phone production in Finland ceased.

The Rise and Fall of Nokia is a wry morality tale for our times, told by those that lived and worked through the rollercoaster years in a company that dominated a nation.

Very interesting. I wonder how much OS/technical detail they'll go into, in terms of strategy and resources. It's a one hour programme, mind you, so there's time to go into some detail.

I doubt there will be very much new for anyone on AAS and AAWP, but it might help fill in some of the back story of the company. Comments welcome once you've watched it?

Source / Credit: BBC