Jumping to Android? Coming from (e.g.) a Lumia, the S9 is the best bet...

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If you're steeped in the Lumia 950 XL or similar, on Windows 10 Mobile, or perhaps the Nokia 808 on Symbian (this being cross-posted to AAS), then it's worth noting that I've been doing a LOT of testing of the new Samsung Galaxy S9. Almost uniquely in the Android flagship world, it has the full set of features (OS excepted!) that you might be looking for. So world class camera (and video camera), high quality DAC and 3.5mm headphone output, loud stereo speakers, expandable storage, and more. 

Anyway, the chances are that you've already jumped from Symbian to something else (maybe Windows?) or perhaps you're a hardened Lumia 950 or 930 user and are eyeing up where you could possibly go next, in the absence of any official Microsoft hardware (at least so far in 2018)? The Galaxy S9 is brand new and certainly has my attention.

So I've been reviewing and testing it. You'll have seen my side by side comparison with the 950 XL and the camera shootout? There's also now my video review, embedded below. Just click through to YouTube or maximise in place (depending on your browser) to see it in 1080p for best effect.

So pretty impressive. One thing I didn't test in the review above was video capture and microphone quality, so that's next, here. My 12 string guitar at point blank range is pretty darned loud. I've included some familiar devices in the test below, in this updated compilation. So put on headphones for this one and crank up the volume!

Very good indeed. For those interested, it looks like the S9 might be able to finally replace my old Nokia 808 as the phone that shoots my Phones Show video podcast, since it has volume, quality and (the weak point on the Lumias) a low noise floor.