A brief history of the most innovative camera centric phones

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John Velasco, over at PhoneArena, has put together an industry wide, 16 year video overview of camera phones that's worth a quick look. It's not perfect and the Nokia N93 is a notable omission (IMHO), but loads of Nokia smartphones get featured, including the venerable 808 and 1020, of course.

If you want something more textual then see my own (and now slightly out of date) 'The Top 20 Phone Camera Innovations of All Time', from 2012, six years ago!

As usual with video embeds, maximise the window for best effect, or click through to YouTube directly, depending on how you're reading this article:

Maybe it's high time for me to update my 2012 article? Watch this space (for a rainy day, methinks....)!

PS. In search of more recent content here on AAWP along the same lines, there's also The 'SteveMark'(!) top 10 phone cameras of all time' and 'Nokia camera 7 year challenge: Lumia 950 & Nokia 8 take on 2010's Nokia N8'

Source / Credit: Youtube