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Just a quick note to highlight Carthago, a car2go-Moovel app for Symbian, coincidentally updated to version 7.56i today. This 'reestablishes access to car-location maps for existing users'. If you haven't heard of it, see below for the download link. Car2go is described as 'SPONTANEITY ON WHEELS' and involves picking up, driving and leaving public cars in various cities across the world, around 30 at the time of writing.

The Carthago aplication is a practical solution for interfacing with the car2go/moovel booking system. It works worldwide in all 30 cities where car2go/moovel exists. A simple authorisation process only needs to be repeated once every year for every country Carthago is used in. After this authorisation-process, Carthago needs your location and then finds one or more (1,3,5, all) free/available car2go/moovel cars in the surroundings, and locates them on a zoomable map, takes a reservation (and cancels it) when required. It remembers a “home” address if told to, and has quite a few other settings to simplify booking. It is fast and – for whoever knows what car2go is about – more or less self explanatory: just take the time to experiment.

From the product and FAQ page:

The Nokia app that finds the closest available car2go for the selected city.

  • Suitable for making reservations
  • Shows the current reservation on the map (v.7.54i)
  • Current reservation can be cancelled
  • Your most recent location is saved automatically
  • Optionally set any address manually
  • Once authorised for making reservations, your credentials are saved in the app context, nowhere else
  • You can verify your authorisation status
  • English, German or Dutch user interface
  • Automatic detection of new cities
  • Parking lots/charging stations with availability
  • Various zoom options
  • Minor updates preserving your settings available through the options menu without the need to reinstall
  • Can NOT be used to open cars

Configurable options:

  • Show 1, 2, 3, 5 or all available car2gos
  • Select the city
  • Set start-up mode
  • Maximum zoom level


You can find Carthago, implemented as a Web runtime application for Symbian, here in the Opera Store.

PS. And, by the way please do complain to car2go Customer Relations about their idea of making cars accessible only to people with iPhones and Android-phones instead of the nice blue member cards! 

Source / Credit: Opera