Fahrplan updates - services, bug-fixes, improvements

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Fahrplan is a third party alternative to Nokia/HERE's Public Transport and has been consistently updated over the last few years, I've done a summary of the changes below. And you can grab it in the AppList Store, of course (where else?!) If you live in a supported country, of course. Still an impressive third party project though.

From the current description in the AppList Store:

A journey planner and timetable application for a lot of train and public transport lines in Europe, USA and Australia.

Fahrplan features:

  • Plan a journey from one station/stop to another (with one via station if supported by provider).
  • Select type of transportation (depends on provider).
  • Real-time timetable information for a station/stop (with direction if supported by provider).
  • Find a nearby station based on your GPS location (if supported by provider).
  • Add station to favorites for quick access in future.
  • Add journey to calendar.
Currently supported providers are:
* Germany (bahn.de) - supports via station and GPS location.
* Germany, Munich (mvv-muenchen.de)
* Austria (oebb.at) - supports via station and GPS location.
* Austria, Salzburg (svv-info.at)
* Denmark (rejseplanen.dk) - supports via station and GPS location.
* Switzerland (sbb.ch) - support via station, timetable with direction and GPS location.
* Norway (reiseinfo.no / nri) - supports GPS location.
* Netherlands / Belgium (9292ov.nl) - supports via station and GPS location.
* Sweden (vasttrafik.se) - supports via station and GPS location.
* Sweden (resrobot.se)
* Ireland (transportforireland.ie) - supports via station.
* Australia, Victoria (ptv.vic.gov.au) - supports via station.
* Australia, Sydney (transportnsw.info) - supports via station.
* USA, SF Bay (511.org) - supports via station.
* Dubai (rta.ae) - supports via station.

Screenshot, fahrplanScreenshot, fahrplan

Since I last featured Fahrplan here, back in 2012, when it was in the Nokia Store (RIP), here's a changelog up to the current v2.0.26, to whet your appetite:

  • Improvements to EFA (Dubai, Ireland, Munich, Victoria, Salzburg, SF Bay, and Sydney) service.
  • Improvements to Hafas Binary (bahn.de, and OBB) service.
  • 9292ov.nl: Display train number in journey details and timetable, attributes in journey details, distance to a station when searching by coordinates, and walking duration.
  • New: Greek translation.
  • Display parser short name on main page.
  • New: Slovenian translation.
  • Fix: Rendering of details page could get borken (occured with MVV, but possible with all backends).
  • New services: MVV (Germany, Munich) - supports via station and GPS location, SVV (Austria, Salzburg) - supports via station and GPS location, ResRobot (Sweden) - supports GPS location.
  • Service names now follow the same pattern.
  • Defunct London service was removed.
  • New: Swedish translation.
  • Fix: "Earlier" / "Later" was broken in bahn.de service
  • New: Improved About screen
  • New: Display of announcements for most services.
  • New: Display of canceled trains / stops in journey details for bahn.de and öbb.at services.
  • New: Display of parallel / alternative trains for bahn.de and öbb.at services.
  • New: Display of routing type (i.e., transfer, walk, bike, car; if provided) for bahn.de and öbb.at services.
  • New: Display of realtime train information in timetable for sbb.ch service.
  • New: Polish translation.
  • Fix: Empty entries in journey search results when using "Earlier" / "Later" button.
  • Fix: Some stops were displayed with wrong encoding in öbb.at service.
  • Fix: "Walk for %2 min" message
  • New: Train direction is displayed in journey details for most services.
  • New: If available, additional information about the train is displayed in journey details for most services.
  • New: Duration of walk is shown for bahn.de.
  • New: Information about train cancellation is displayed for bahn.de and öbb.at services.
  • Performance improvements for sbb.ch, reiseinfo.no, rejseplanen.dk and 9292ov.nl services.
  • öbb.at now uses new protocol which brings performance improvements and uses less traffic.
  • Additional info about journey is no longer added to calendar entry if compact format is selected in settings.
  • New translations: Romanian, Persian and Dutch.
  • Existing translations were updated.
  • You can now easily translate Fahrplan into your own language: see link in the About page.
  • Real-time delay info is now displayed in journey details for bahn.de.
  • Bugfix: Via station was ignored in bahn.de backend.
  • New backend: 9292ov.nl.
  • More train selection options in rejseplanen.dk backend.
  • Defunct and duplicate Sydney backend (131500.com.au) was removed.
  • Translations update.
  • New backends: ptv.vic.gov.au (Victoria, Australia) - supports via station; Sydney (Australia) - supports via station; SF Bay (SanFrancisco, USA) - supports via station; London (London, United Kingdom) - supports via station; Ireland - supports via station; Dubai - supports via station.
  • date and time is now formatted based on the phone language;
  • it is now possible to switch between old and new (more compact, introduced in 2.0.14) formats of description in calendar events.
  • few small UI improvements.
  • A lot of work was done on the backends that fixes bugs and brings some performance and memory usage improvements. In particular, a "Station name is too ambiguous" error which happened with some stations is now gone.
  • possibility to select target calendar to add journeys to;
  • possibility to select favorite icon position;
  • favorites and selected stations are now saved per backend;
  • better error reporting for bahn.de backend;
  • few small UI improvements.
  • new Settings page.
  • Removed appbooster for symbian
  • Added "now" feature to symbian

You can grab Fahrplan in the AppList Store for Symbian, of course.

Hopefully the AppList Store is working out for you all. See here just in case you haven't already got this installed or if this is new to you. Also, if you have custom firmware installed, make sure you tick the option in settings to show 'unsigned' applications, you'll see extra applications!

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