808 PureView: red to white and back to red

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Andy Hagon will be well known to readers of this site. Partly because he was the guy who rashly sold off his very rare red Nokia 808 PureView. But not to worry, because he bought a replacement white unit and then found a way to change the housing completely, restoring full red 808 ownership. And, with some notes from Andy, you too might want to go 'red'...

From Andy's article:

First job was to simply remove the screws around the outside edge of the device, and then the screws toward the centre which were different types of screws, so it was important not to get the two types mixed up. Then it was just a matter of lifting away the outer casing to reveal the ‘guts’ of the phone (the screen plus the internals).


The thing with replacement shells is that they are almost ready to switch over straightaway, except that not all of the components are included. However, this is obvious once you realise how easy it is to just pry out the various important components like the xenon flash, the 3G/4G antenna, etc., and then all that’s required is to clip or snap them back into their corresponding bays in the new chassis. It might seem daunting, but with a little care and not too much pressure, the things required do come out and away quite easily. Of course, everything is helped along by the soothing voice of Le55ons whose instructions are crystal clear both audibly and visually, so there isn’t a lot of room to make mistakes. Interestingly, the speaker component (just as easily plucked out as shown in the video tutorial) was included in my red chassis, so I’m not too sure why that is the case (excuse the awful pun) but it made things a tad quicker if anything.

That famous xenon flash!
That famous xenon flash!

You can read the whole thing here. Andy sets it all up, performs the transplant and then reports back on the finished article. Why not think about a change of colour of your own 808 too? 

Mine is currently white, a colour which, curiously, suits the 808 a lot more than most modern large screened Android phones, in my opinion.

Source / Credit: OneTechStop