Nokia Suite updated to remove references and sign-in for the closing Nokia Store

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Colour me as completely unsurprised, but Nokia Suite has been updated after a long gap, not to add features, but to remove them - specifically support for the online Nokia Store for applications, which is closing for good in the next few months. In fact, the update was sorely needed, since logging into the Store was broken now anyway. Sigh. Is there much point to updating? Well, not really, unless you're a completist. But it's still worth noting, if only as a data point in the Nokia/Microsoft wind-down of active support for the Symbian ecosystem.

Here's the issue for the current versions of Nokia Suite:

Screen crop

The update pops up in Nokia Suite, advertising "the best features and performance" - ho, ho, ho. No, that's not Santa, that's me chortling at the wording. Why on earth couldn't Microsoft call a spade a spade, and just explain that Nokia Store support was being removed to avoid confusion? It's not rocket science.

Comments welcome, of course. Am I being too cynical?