What might have been - in 2006 - the Nokia E80 Communicator

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I couldn't resist a quick link of interest to this TalkMaemo thread, in which someone's got their hands on an unrealeased Nokia prototype from 2006 (ish), i.e. eight years ago, showing N95-like styling along with N97-style hinge and full QWERTY keyboard. Dubbed 'Atlantis', apparently, and destined to be the Nokia E80 Communicator, I can't believe that I never even had a whisper that this was in the works, back in the day. Is it just me that's rather impressed by the concept? For 2006, at any rate!

Nokia E80

Nokia E80 prototype

There are a lot more photos in the full thread, so do click through.

The styling of the UI looks very 2006-ish. The 2MP camera and E90-style buttons and keyboard ditto. And hey, it even uses the acclaimed BP-4L battery! Terrific design for the day and I want one for my device collection 8-)

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Source / Credit: TalkMaemo