The Nokia N97 lives again(!): Cybercom firmware

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I don't have a name for this one, i.e. in terms of who developed it, other than Cybercom, based in Australia, but it seems that I wasn't the only Nokia N97 (design) defender in the world. What we have here is a brand new firmware for the five year old Nokia N97, lovingly curated, fully functional and checked, and backed up by pages and pages of instructions and guides. Impressive.

In addition to not having a developer name to hand, the firmware itself is unremarkably named (CFWs usually get something memorable, like Delight or DarkStar!), but the content seems excellent, taking the limited N97 internals up to its maximum potential. Here's part of the intro from the firmware download page:

There are many CFW but full with bugs. For example many CFW have full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard but video calls are disabled because stupid moders overwrite StaticFeatures.dll to enable one feature but disable another. Most of them do not know how to edit properly StaticFeatures.dll neither how to integrate properly other fixes and features.

Even if you find a bug free CFW working on 100% (there are only few in the Internet) they are so badly wasted with stupid splash screens, startup pictures, shutdown greetings, branded menus, stuffed with apps, nasty icons, unwanted keyboards that cause you facepalm. And almost all of them are not based on the latest software version for nokia C6-00 firmware v42.0.004 of C6-00, hence you get older browser, music player etc. Thereby this nokia N97 custom firmware is unique of its kind, based on last firmware v42.0.004 with all bug fixes, full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard, but no pollution with fluffy things and stuffing inside, clear and good to go. Original style without built in stupid splash screens, startup pictures, shutdown greetings, branded menus, unwanted apps, nasty icons, unwanted keyboards etc. After flashing you are free to install anytime your themes with icons, apps, patches, settings you like and configure is up to you. No need to bear someone else bad taste design just because is hardcoded inside! Clear nokia C6-00 custom firmware with all necessary bugfixes but no pollution inside. Many customizations can be added and removed after flasing, so no need to hardcode it within firmware (see additional patches)

Last but not least, only before flashing if you like you can add your own virtual qwerty keyboard with your language, no matter what German, Bulgarian, Italian, Urdu, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, African et cetera. Just in few easy steps make your alphabet emerge on the virtual keyboard in order you like.

The main download link is then given, but I'll let you visit the main page in order to get that. 

The page goes on to provide:

  • A detailed changelog of what's in this N97 firmware
  • Detailed instructions of how to get Nokia Maps working in 2014 on the N97, including syncing favourite places
  • How to make own virtual full and mini keyboard with your language
  • How to Flash? Or revive a dead phone and bring it alive when you kill it and won’t boot
  • Tribute to Nokia N97 (this is heartfelt and makes the same good points about the N97's good points that I've made over the years, most recently here)
  • How to fully back up your app and data set, then restore afterwards

Plus a lot more. A great read for N97 geeks - maybe it's time to rescue yours from the back of your desk drawer?

Retail Nokia N97 - from the rear

Source / Credit: Cybercom