Those following the camera-centric smartphone path might like the Galaxy K Zoom

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Forgive the jump in platform and pointer to climates new, but I do know that a fair number of people following the 'All About' sites are particular fans of Nokia as a manufacturer in general and its specialism for camera excellence, in particular, not least Xenon flash since 2007 and PureView zoom since 2012. Elsewhere in the smartphone world, there's a reluctance to push the boat out in terms of camera hardware. With one exception.

You'll remember the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom from 2013? 10x optical zoom and Xenon flash? I did a head to head between this and the Nokia 808 last year, concluding that the S4 Zoom won out by a small margin, but only at the expense of significant bulk.

Nokia 808 and S4 Zoom

I then threw the Lumia 1020 into the mix here, with the S4 Zoom just getting pipped at the post itself here, though in fairness there's not a lot in it over all my various test cases.

But the S4 Zoom's lens module protruded a good centimetre and snagged on every pocket it was inserted into - truly a compromised form factor.

Which is why I wanted to highlight the announcement, over in the Android world, of its successor, the Samsung K Zoom, with massively slimmed down optical zoom mechanism. The sensor's the same, at 1/2.3", as is the Xenon flash, so performance will be similar - but the crucial thing is the form factor. The first time I saw the K Zoom laid on a table, it immediately brought to mind the classic Nokia camera flagship form factor:

Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

The combination of large camera island, with large sensor, zoom and proper flash, allied to the gently rounded body and full hardware camera shutter button should make the K Zoom very competitive with the 808 and the 1020 in terms of pocketability, even if it is, necessarily, physically thicker.

Not that we're recommending you jump platforms to get the K Zoom, but we thought you'd want to know about this competitor, at least. And, of course, we're getting the K Zoom in on day one of availability, for direct still and video tests with both of the smartphones pictured with it above. Plus whatever else we've got lying around, no doubt.

Watch this space. And comments welcome. Do you think the K Zoom is a spiritual successor to Nokia's camera flagships and vision, the 808 in particular? You can't help but spot certain similarities...

PS. You can find out more about the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom here. Oh, and there's the traditional launch promo video: