Whatsapp updates continue, redesigned chat UI

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Whatsapp, despite being a pretty core Symbian application for many people, hasn't been (consistently) in the Nokia Store for many months, so the freezing of the latter didn't cause it to skip a beat. For complicated reasons (my SIM keeps switching devices, essentially), I can't really use Whatsapp at all, but I did get notified by Nilanjan Dubey about a major new version, 2.11.461, bringing "Major UI changes within chat, and the option to change your number has been introduced". Which is worth a flow, at least!

That's all that was given in terms of changes, though - comments welcome if something else noteworthy has changed in recent versions?

Screenshot, WhatsappScreenshot, Whatsapp

There's now this option to change your registered Whatsapp number...

Screenshot, WhatsappScreenshot, Whatsapp

From Nilanjan Dubey, it seems as though you can now both use large images inline and also download them to your phone. Comments welcome if I've misunderstood!

The new version of the app can be downloaded from the official Whatsapp website, as will future versions, of course.

The supported Symbian UIs/platforms are the usual S60 3rd edition, S60 5th edition and Symbian^3, Anna and Belle.

I wonder which other Symbian applications you consider 'core' to your day to day life that should perhaps be kept updated outside the frozen Nokia Store and which perhaps aren't? Worth you dropping the developer a line and letting them know that a) you're still keen for updates, and b) the likes of AAS is still keen to give them publicity for such efforts?