Delight CFW for the Nokia 700 hits v1.1, fixes Exchange sync, adds editors

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Delight custom firmwares continue to advance, with v1.1 for the Nokia 700 installing in place if you already have v1.0. Highlights include the fixing of the SSL issue with Microsoft's new certificates, meaning that the Nokia 700 can carry on syncing contacts and calendar via Exchange with (etc.) Plus the addition of the N8 photo and video editors, extra utilities and a number of other important bug fixes.

From the Delight launch post:

- in Menu, Tools, Xtras you will find Delight App which contains our Backup&Restore solution, FAQ and other features, e.g. a MiniCMD launcher. It has a inbuild documentation.

C:drive after flash is minimum 600mb
RAM: 288mb - 290mb

How to flash: 

when coming from Delight v1.0

flash via "Update Software" and without of UDA.
After first boot Updater app will start.
Select all versions after your last CFW version.
e.g if you were on v1.2 choose v1.3 only
if you were on v1.1 choose v1.2 and v1.3
You can enjoy all changes without of a Refurbish and losing your drive C:\

You didn't use Delight v1.0 before? 

Than you have to Refurbish the whole CFW, we modifed the partion sizes so don't try a update flash.

Changelog Delight 700 v1.1:

- Camera fixed
- Videocamera fixed
- Kontakt widgets fixed
- fixed semi transparent favourites widget to non-transparent
- Sysap 1.4 by iChris701, now it will show SSL cert popups like on original firmwares
- fixed increase heap size mod
- fixed Effects

- Nokia weather widget and weather resources

- exclusive keyboard skin by bhavin192 (you can revert to original one via Delight App)
- Photo Editor from N8 (you still can access FP2 editor from gallery)
- Video Editor from N8 (you still can access FP2 editor from gallery)
- Unit Converter from s60v5
- GPS Info app from s60v5
- Delight SMS Themer)
- Remove recording tone patch
- Evenfasterkeylockevent patch

- added full filesystem read access to X-Plore and full write access of :\private\
- Picture viewer works in :\private\ folders
- increased maximum MMS size

- Menumatrix to show Unit Converter in Organiser & GPS Info in Navigation
- Updated Delight App to 1.3.0

- Transbelle Lighthouse Theme
- Delight theme updated
- Evolve Theme modded for GPS Info icon change
- added "Evolve Qt 3.0 For FP2" theme by SLAYER33

- Smooth As Hell V4 by Allstar12345

The full documentation and download files for English and other languages are here in the launch post.

There's a full FAQ built into the Delight App in the firmware, which is a nice touch. See also the developer's own flashing tutorial - it's not trivial, but it's also not that hard and any Symbian fans trying to make a go of things through 2014 and 2015 are advised to become familiar with this sort of thing.

Screenshot, Delight custom firmwareScreenshot, Delight custom firmware

Source / Credit: N8 Delight