The Nokia 808 gets its latest Delightful lease of life, restored PIM sync

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Huge respect to the Delight CFW team for getting a whole new firmware out for the Nokia 808 PureView, with a sizeable changelog, including the all-important SSL certificate pop-up fix, meaning that live/Hotmail/Outlook PIM sync should work again with Microsoft's new 2014 certificates. Also added were the original N8 photo and video editors, by popular demand.

Here's the changelog from Delight v1.3 to the new v1.4:

- removed Nokia Weather and Weather widget
- added remove Recording tone patch
- added full filesystem read access to X-Plore and full write access of :\private\
- Picture viewer works in :\private\ folders
- torch mod, now you can enable torch via lock key in power saver mode
- EvenFaster patch for ROMPatcher, which allows you to enabled/disable torch via lock key much faster


- exclusive keyboard skin by bhavin192 (you can revert to original one via Delight App)
- Photo Editor from N8 (you still can access FP2 editor from gallery)
- Video Editor from N8 (you still can access FP2 editor from gallery)
- Unit Converter from s60v5
- GPS Info app from s60v5
- Delight SMS Themer


- Email widget font Delight style white
- Note widget font Delight style white
- cleaned sisregistry
- Sysap 1.4 by iChris701, now it will show SSL cert popups like on original firmwares


- Menumatrix to show Unit Converter in Organiser & GPS Info in Navigation
- Updated Delight App to 1.3.0

Widget skins: new by Mahindar 

- Dlan big & small
- Wlan small
- VPN toggle
- Operator
- Stopwatch
- Fmtx small
- Mirror
- Delight theme updated
- added "Evolve Qt 3.0 For FP2" theme by SLAYER33
- Smooth As Hell V4 by Allstar12345

Here's my Nokia 808 running the latest v1.4 Delight version, complete with successful Microsoft server PIM sync and email:

You can find everything you need here in the original post. See the FAQ there and make sure, after booting, you both allow time for the auto-updaters to run and also just run the 'Delight 1.4' 'Updater' when prompted (assuming you were already on v1.3).

Total time taken, with no data or apps loss, was about 15 minutes, but it will take longer if you're new to firmware flashing/updating or if you need to use another base language.

Source / Credit: N8 Delight