The Nokia 808 PureView takes on two DSLRs and a compact

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The Nokia 808 may now be almost two years old and effectively obsolete as a commercial product, but that hasn't stopped it being enjoyed by many and still used in interesting photographic comparisons. In this case against two huge DSLRs and a popular compact camera, in the hands of Luke Van Eede. Summary: the 808 holds its own against the mighty DSLRs and slaughters the compact.

The 808 takes on a batch of cameras

The three devices that the 808 was tested against were the (compact) Panasonic DMC-FT5, the (DSLR)  Panasonic DMC-GX7 and the Canon EOS 400D.

For each test photo, across a wide range of scenarios, Luke has provided 1:1 crops and magnified versions for ease of comparison. Here's one of them:

Sunny photo example 

Cropped and magnified (Nokia 808 top left, the FT5 top right, the two DLSRs on the bottom):

From Luke's summary:

In the end, this really was a test to see if the 808 is as good as standard cameras. I think I have proven that it is. It performed better than the FT5 in almost every photo. The 808, GX7 and 400D are so close in some of them, its hard to say which is better. It just goes to show that Nokia really know what they are doing when it comes to camera phones.

To be honest, almost two years after the Nokia 808's launch, the only phone camera that has got close to it is Nokia's own sister device on Windows Phone, the Lumia 1020.

We're now into 2014 and I suspect that through this year we'll still be seeing 808 and Symbian-relevant articles being published and linked to here at AAS, albeit perhaps not at the same pace as in 2013. Watch this space.

Source / Credit: Luke Van Eede