Work starts on an alternate Store

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File this under 'pie in the sky' if you will, but it's good to see people starting to think about a way forwards for a proper, interactive Symbian app store once Nokia has pulled the rug from its own Store (imminent, nothing new or updated will appear after 2013). In this case Lucas Facchini in Brazil, creating a working Store front end in Qt. It's early days though and there are plenty of caveats...

The new Store client is XML-based and is open source (the code is here, if you want to lend a hand), and you can read all about it here:

Screen Screen

Of course, there's so much more to a Store and ecosystem than just the client and UI. Not least:

  • a secure way for developers to upload new apps and updates
  • hosting costs and sufficient bandwidth to handle the volume of downloads 
  • significant penetration into the active installed base of Symbian users

Plus there's the still unsolved issue of how anything remotely low level could be digitally signed after this week.

Still oak trees and small beginnings etc. Perhaps, if you're a developer or beta tester by nature, you could lend the project a hand

PS. Also note my existing Curated Application Store and Curated Games Store, currently linking to a mix of Nokia Store and AAS server content. This is also updated regularly.

Source / Credit: Daily Mobile