The Dorman smartphone photography tips round-up

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Richard Dorman has been well known in the world of Nokia smartphone photography, of course, specialising in long exposure 'wonder' shots of nature - and in this two part series, linked and quoted below, he shares some of this secrets, including composing landscapes and shooting silhouettes. Although Richard is quoted as using the Lumia 1020 for his examples, a lot of his work is done on the Nokia 808 as well, plus all the tips are (of course) applicable to almost any decent smartphone camera.

In part 1 of Richard's article, he covers:

  • Freezing objects
  • Landscapes
  • Using HDR
  • Using exposure to create silhouettes

While in part 2 he chats about:

  • Reframing (smart cropping)
  • Long exposures (night)
  • Long exposures (daytime)
  • Shooting Star trails

Of course, Richard's subject material (nature) may be different to your own use case for a smartphone camera (for example, I mainly shoot people), which is why I'd also remind you of my own smartphone photography tips here on the All About sites (albeit written in early 2012, before the advent of the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020!)

From Richard's pieces though, here's a short excerpt:

Using exposure to create silhouettes

Here is an example of something I like to do from time to time when walking around cities.


In this image, I dropped exposure to -1.3EV to create the silhouette of the statue while positioning the sun right behind her head. The Lumia 1020 allows you to drop exposure down to -3EV so you can create silhouettes of almost anything interesting you come across.

Good stuff, check out some of Richard's blog posts for more in this vein. Also, check out his Flickr account and follow him on Twitter.

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations