Ski Resorts Webcams

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If you're an enthusiastic skier then you probably spend half your life glued to the various resort webcams anyway, looking at the state of the snow and wondering whether it's worth making the trip up for some downhill fun. Ski Resorts Webcams, as it sounds, gives you a comprehensive directory of all major world ski resorts, along with multiple up to date photos from each. If you love skiing or just snow [just look outside now - cough #uksnow], what's not to love?

Here's Ski Resorts Webcams in action on a modern Symbian smartphone (it's written in Qt):


A slightly wordy start.... (right) and into a pick list of countries and regions. Oddly, the UI works in that whatever you type gets highlighted and then you have to swipe to the left, bringing up a pane to the right, Windows Phone-style!


The next pane lists the resorts in the highlighted region. Again, it's tap to highlight and then swipe to (right) see the various webcams available...


The application only works in portrait mode, sadly, though you can (right) multi-touch pinch and splay to zoom images in and out....


Another resort, more cams, more snow.... All very pretty though!

There's a full list of all the webcams provided here (warning - it's long!)

You can download Ski Resorts Webcams for free here or pay £1.50 to get a version with added functonality (you can save webcams as 'favourites' and then bring them back quickly later on).

Source / Credit: Nokia Store