Opera Mini gets big update for Belle FP2 compatibility

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Opera Mini, everyone's favourite web browser on Symbian when bandwidth is limited, has just received a significant update if you're on a Nokia 701 or 808 with Belle Feature Pack 2 - the issues to do with text input in fields with the new FP2 keyboard have been sorted out and you're good to go again. Screenshot proof and links below.

From the Opera blog:

We have had lots of feedback since our last Mini 7 update, that has enabled us to release new update Opera Mini 7.0.3 final on S60 today. 

Opera Mini 7.0.3 final on S60 Changelog

  • Fixed issue with displaying of Latin characters on phones running latest Nokia Belle firmware.
  • Added navigation keys support in Belle FP2 virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed overlapping of input fields by Belle FP2 virtual keyboard.

To download new version visit http://m.opera.com on your phone. 

Remember to help us make further updates in the future please by reporting to us issues through our bug report wizard

Here's the update in action on the Nokia 808 PureView:


The previous (left) and new (right) versions of Opera Mini on Symbian/S60. The differences in nomenclature ("7.03" versus "7.00(32400)") are a little off-putting, but don't worry too much - just install it and be happy!


In action, showing Opera Mini now working fine in split-screen mode entering text into a web input field. Right, the main interface and graphical menu remain unchanged.

Highly recommended, as always! The update will work with all modern S60/Symbian devices.

Source / Credit: Opera Blog