Accessing AAS via limited connectivity? Don't forget the true mobile site!

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A couple of years ago, Rafe gave All About Symbian a bit of a facelift, complete with responsive design that ensured that the full site can be adapted, on the fly, to any device, from a phone to a giant desktop monitor or high resolution tablet. Which is great, except that this does rely on a certain connectivity - we're still talking a Megabyte of page and resources for the AAS front page. On a GPRS or EDGE connection, perhaps on a journey or on holiday, even grabbing 1MB per page is a trial so far. Which is why I wanted to remind people of the existence of our true mobile site.

In addition to bookmarking the main URL, in your Symbian phone's web browser, make sure you also bookmark - pick the one you want based on how good your connectivity is - bandwidth is very definitely the main bottleneck for accessing AAS on a modern phone (i.e. processor and Web rendering speeds are easily good enough).


The 'full' (responsive design) and 'mobile' (far less javascript, static design, smaller images, etc.) versions of All About Symbian.


Part of a story shown in the true mobile site - all the content and only 1/10th the bandwidth needed(!); (right) showing both versions in my Web favourites browser.

In an ideal world, bandwidth wouldn't be an issue. 3.5G everywhere, and so on. Sadly, in many countries and many regions, even 3G is a luxury and using genuine mobile sites makes the difference between waiting a minute or two for a page to load and five seconds. 

So, raise a glass for both the AAS mobile site and the choice of having either version rendered for your pleasure!

PS. It goes without saying that the content of the site is the same, whichever rendered version you opt for...!