CuteTube 1.3.2 fixes YouTube API change, available now

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Stuart Howarth's popular all-singing, all-dancing YouTube client, CuteTube, is now available again following an enforced absence from the Nokia Store because of YouTube changing its APIs. You can now download (or upgrade to) version 1.3.2 from the Nokia Store. In addition, the new version also brings a language filter for searches and longpress functionality to video thumbnails.

Here's version 1.3.2 in action:


CuteTube is a commercial application but mature and well respected. Version 1.3.1 was unable to play or download videos because of an undocumented change at YouTube's end, but the new version from the Nokia Store seems fine.

Comments welcome, especially if you notice glitches - you might like to contact Stuart via his published contact details. (And yes, he does seem partial to my Phones Show in his screenshots!)

Source / Credit: Nokia Store