Nokia Prime Place gives enhanced location listings to small businesses

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Nokia Prime Place is a way for small and medium businesses to add their details to the Nokia Where (map) platform. The ability to add a place to Nokia Maps' geodatabase has been available for sometime, but the Nokia Prime Place branding is new, as are a number of new tools and features associated with the service. 

As Nokia Conversations explains:

Prime Place enables business owners to add their business listing free of charge to Nokia Maps on web and mobile, share opening hours, website and contact details, and add lots of images to show what their business or service is all about, and why you can’t miss to visit! This provides Nokia customers with lots of unique businesses that can be discovered, wherever you are, and helps you to be a local anywhere.

The information that can be added to a listings entry includes description, images, opening times, website and contact details. The entered data is combined with user generated reviews, drawn from Nokia's own products, and from third party partners such as Qype and TripAdvisor. Listings created through Prime Place are added to the Nokia Maps geodatabase and then surfaced through any product that uses the Nokia Where platform (e.g. Nokia Maps on mobile, Nokia Maps on the web, and numerous third party apps and services).

As part of the rebranding of the location listing submission process Nokia has announced a number of new features. The most important of these is account management and user roles; this allows larger businesses, with multiple location listings to manage, to control who has access to the Prime Place's dashboard to edit their listings and use the tools associated with the listing. This second factor is necessary because Nokia has introduced a Facebook publishing feature, which allows businesses to publish posts to their Facebook wall or Facebook pages from within the Prime Place dashboard (e.g. a post with an embedded map).

Nokia has also tightened up and streamlined the way listings are verified. In most of the 20 supported countries there's a choice of postcard, phone and credit card based verification. Nokia says this should ensure that no-one else claims your business listing on your behalf.

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Source / Credit: Nokia Prime Place