Damian Dinning explains and demos the Nokia 808 PureView

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Damian's obviously a busy chap today and there are a number of interviews shot with him. Having watched some of the more technically challenged interviewers at work, I can recommend Vaibhav Sharma's, embedded below. Although the camera work is a little erratic and the sound a bit distracting in places, Vaibhav is almost as much of a smartphone camera 'nut' as me and so he asks the right questions and goes for the right demos!

Included in the twelve minute video is a demonstration of the whole of the new Camera app UI for the 808 PureView. In particular look out for the wealth of stills and video options that you can (optionally) play around with on the device.

Well worth watching - it's almost like you were there in Barcelona, bumping into Damian and getting a quarter hour of his valuable time!