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Welcome to the home page of The Symbian WebRing

A WebRing is a way for sites that cover a similar topic (in this case the Symbian OS Platform) to be linked to each other. By following the links in the WebRing box, you can walk around all the sites in teh ring and (eventually) get back to the site you started from. Think of it as a huge circle or sites. This WebRing is maintained by All About Symbian.

So, How Do I Join?

Your site needs to be something to do with Symbian OS. It could be that you are a discussion site (like All About Symbian!). Perhaps you're blogging about Symbian devices. Maybe you are writing software and want to get some more links to your site. For all of those, the Symbian WebRing is for you. If your site has a large amount of Symbian content, but isn't exclusivly Symbian, then feel free to add yourself to the ring - generally if your site carries Symbian information, we'll let you join the ring!

Where Do I Sign Up?

You can join the Symbian WebRing by following this link. You'll be asked to submit some details about yourself and your site, and provide the URL to your site. Once you've done this, you'll recieve an email on what to do next. You'll need to add the WebRing Navigation box somewhere on the front page of your site. Then sit back and wait. One of our Admin team will check your page, and as long as everything is in place, we'll approve your site, and you'll be added to the WebRing.

I Want To Change The Information About My Site

You'll need to log in to to edit your site. The Ring Name is "symbian" and your Ring ID will have been emailed to you wehn you joined the WebRing.

Can I Change The WebRing HTML Fragment

You can change it to fit in the design of your site, but we'd ask you to make sure you follow these rules...

  • Leave the GIF icon alone - that stays as it is.
  • At a minimum keep the 'Random' link, the 'List' link and the 'Powered by RingSurf' link.

What Does The Default WebRing Box Look Like On My Site?