How can I stop PC Suite deleting my images?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 19:23 UTC, September 25th 2006


Q. I take a lot of photos and am generally happy to have PC Suite archive and delete them all, making space on my memory card for the next batch. But there are a few special photos that I'd always like available. I've tried putting them in various folders, to 'hide' them from PC Suite, but it always finds them and deletes them anyway. Is there nothing that can be done?


A. Actually, there is, though it's a bit of a hack. Use a file manager (such as SysExplorer or Y-Browser) to copy any special images into the \system folder on either of your smartphone's disks (C or E). In here, you CAN hide away images and videos, away from PC Suite's clutches. Of course, you can't view them via Gallery either, you'll have to use your chosen file manager to launch S60's native image viewer (or RealPlayer, as appropriate)...


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You could also change the PC Suite "Store images" settings and unselect "Erase images and videos from the phone" there. That way PC suite will not delete any files after it has stored/copied them to your PC.

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