AAS Podcast #82: David Wood (Symbian EVP) on the Symbian Foundation

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Ewan talks to David Wood, EVP at Symbian, Ltd, on the formation of The Symbian Foundation.

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Show Notes

In another of our regular podcast interviews, Ewan Spence talks to David Wood, EVP Symbian, on some of the finer details on the Symbian Foundation. Launched ten years to the day after the announcement of Symbian, Wood discusses a number of issues around the new strategy of the Symbian partners, including:

  • The principles that led to the formation of the Symbian Foundation.
  • The time line from now until the Royalty Free licence, and subsequent Open Source of the code.
  • Symbian OS 9.4 will likely be the starting point of the Foundation.
  • What will happen to previous versions of Symbian OS.
  • What effect does this have on the existing road-map inside Symbian and the handset manufacturers.
  • have Nokia 'won' and is this a reaction to Google Android.
  • Why choose the Eclipse Public Licence, and not something along the lines of the GPL.



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