AAS Podcast #50: Nokia World 2007 Round Table

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Put together all the best independent web sites and blogs into one room, switch on a microphone, and ask about the reaction to Nokia World. That's this special All About Symbian podcast.

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Show Notes

At the recent Nokia World 2007 event, as well as Rafe and myself (Ewan) attending, a large number of other sites were represented, including IntoMobile, Symbian-Freak, Mobile Burn, and others. How could we not get everyone round a table at the end of the event to find out what 'the internet' made of Nokia's flagship event at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam.

As well as some quick-fire opinions on what was the best thing that people saw during the event, and what they would add to the next generation of S60 devices; we also go into more depth on the new "Comes with Music" service, the N82 multimedia device, and the interesting lessons S60 can learn from S40.



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