AAS Podcast #37: Mippin Launch Interview

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Ewan talks to Refresh Mobile on the launch of their Mippin service.

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Show Notes

Launching today is Mippin, a mobile web site that promotes discovery and ease of reading. And while you might think you’ve seen that hundreds of times before, Mippin has a few advantages over some of the others – the main one being that I think it’s actually pretty useful.

It’s not for everyone, and the power-users here (which is probably 80% of us, let’s be honest) are going to be happy taking our Webkit and Opera powered smartphone browsers and continue to mutter about ‘the full web, anywhere’ while grabbing podcasts, RSS feeds and billions of bits from the air – but for the regular users, Mippin could provide an almost guaranteed way to read easily formatted web sites.

In this podcast, I talk to Mippin's VP of Product Management, Prashant Agarwal, about the new service, how it works, and how people can get involved.

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