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No, this isn't a phone. It's not even a 'communicator' in the purest sense, since the LTE version hasn't appeared yet. But the Surface Go is a half way house between a smartphone and a full-on laptop or even a 'Pro' hybrid. Paired with a phone (to provide mobile bandwidth), the Surface Go is quite a lot of computing power and familiar interface in a surprisingly small and light package, offering something different from traditional Macbooks, laptops, even Chromebooks now, and letting you bring the power of a traditional Windows PC everywhere you go.

I appreciate that I'm a little late to the party on this - the Surface Go has been available for a couple of months already in many markets. It's been on my radar to test out since launch, but, not being Windows 'phone' related, wasn't top of my to-do list for AAWP specifically. However, the run up to Christmas looks to be quiet on the phone front (especially so in the Windows world!), so it's time to see how the Surface Go copes with a typical daily workload. Could it be your perfect mobile PC solution?

Here's our opening gallery and first impressions anyway, the full multi-part review will be along once I've got some 'Go' miles under my belt! By the way, in terms of product links, try Microsoft UK and Amazon UK.

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Although the Go is aimed at numerous market segments, not least the family and education (explaining some of the RAM/storage variants), most AAWP readers will be interested to see how this new super-portable QWERTY-enabled tablet performs on the road - tethered to your Windows, iOS or Android smartphone, this has the potential to give you the power of a Windows PC in not much more than the bulk of an A5 sketchpad.

Future review parts here on AAWP will cover the hardware design, specification spread and use cases, and much more.