Gallery: Nokia E6

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As a follow up to the popular E61, E71 and E72 range of devices, the E6 has been attracting a lot of attention from Nokia's QWERTY smartphone fans.  Our review coverage will start in the next few days, but as a taster here is a gallery offering a visual tour of the Nokia E6's (E6-00) hardware. The E6, an enterprise focused device, combines touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard in a single form factor. Key features include a high resolution screen, eight megapixel EDoF camera and large 1500mAh replaceable battery.

Our full coverage of the Nokia E6 will start shortly with part one of our review. If you have any questions you would like answered or areas you think we should be covering in the review then please leave a comment below.

The device in these pictures is a retail version of the Nokia E6-00. 


Nokia E6 Image Gallery (click images to expand):