David Wood on 30 years of PDA and smartphone OS...

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If you haven't heard of David Wood before then you need to catch up a little. One of the creators of the Psion palmtops in the 1990s and then one of the architects of Symbian OS in the 2000s, he has tremendous insight - and, frankly, an impressive memory, dredging up codewords, anecdotes, and industry analysis from 20 years ago. I've covered his book here before, but the guys at the Nokia Chronicles podcast had him on this weekend and it's a 'must listen'.

You can listen below or find the Nokia Chronicles podcast in your podcatcher of choice.

Slightly awkwardly, he faced a question about me at the end, but 'mutual respect' just about covers it, David and I have touched base hundreds of times over the last three decades and also met in person on occasion.

Great listening anyway, you'll learn a lot!

Source / Credit: Nokia Chronicles