Nokia 808: the most notable camera-phone ever?

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GSM Arena just posted another in their series of 'retro' videos and it's a cracker, looking back fondly at the (2012) Nokia 808 PureView, which was claimed to be five years ahead of the rest of the world in phone imaging - and rightly so. Will at GSM Arena does a good and enthusiastic job, with only a single slip where he conflated in some Lumia 1020 (the 808's successor) functionality. Well worth a watch, whatever OS you now use and whatever imaging phone you now champion.

Here's the video, anyway:

The single error was that you couldn't reframe afterwards - that was a Lumia 1020 feature. On the Nokia 808, the zoom level you shot was what you captured - the underlying 34/38MP image wasn't stored for later resampling. Also, the main thing the 808 lacked (IMHO) was OIS, Optical Image Stabilisation, and the 1020 came with that as standard, albeit with slower capture times for chipset reasons.

But other than these minor comments, what a cracking little look back. I still have two Nokia 808s here, though only one is properly serviceable. Armed with a tripod(!), I can still shoot stunning shots and videos with this device. You agree?

Source / Credit: YouTube