Rafe Blandford and the Nokia era

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A recent short series of podcasts from two Australians has been getting luminaries from the Nokia world of 2000-2013 in to chat about their memories - and Rafe Blandford was the guest on the most recent. See this URL for the Nokia Chronicles podcast and more details.

Rafe Blandford

From the podcast description:

Do you have fond memories of the name Nokia? Adrian Hughes and Justin Cohen, life-long Nokia fans, delve deep into the phones, tablets and other weird and wonderful gadgets that once made Nokia a household name. Also join them for candid interviews with people behind-the-scenes at the tech giant, and discover for yourself what really made Nokia so special.

It was a lengthy show, around 90 minutes, so settle in - but Rafe was on top form, putting in answers and detail way beyond what was asked. A good trip down memory lane.

PS. They've asked me (Steve) on next. Gulp. Not sure how I'll follow Rafe's memories and analysis. A hard act to follow!

Source / Credit: PlayerFM