2009 in hindsight: The N97 and where Nokia lost the plot

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As part of a series of content items looking back at the glory days of Nokia in smartphones (here's the first), in the Phones Show video below I cover the point at which it all went wrong, at least through the eyes of a single phone model. 2009's Nokia N97 was too little, too late, in terms of both hardware and software, I argue - though to be fair, the N97 was more ambitious in some ways than ever given credit for. See below for some informed and hopefully balanced analysis.

(As usual with video embeds, if you want a larger frame then click through and increase the resolution on YouTube)

Comments welcome, of course, especially from the AAS crowd who will have lived through this era first hand. As you'll have gathered from the video, I still have virtually ALL the Nokia smartphones of note from 2005 to about 2015, so I can continue going back to re-evaluate the designs and performance!

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